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Father.son Hair Drain Clog Remover Drain Snake Cleaning Tool 4 pcs


Brand: Father.son


  • width:60g 1pack,length:20'' 4 pcs in package
  • Multi-tooth drain and snake efficiently catches hair, food and other blockages.
  • You can easily handle the blockage.don't need expensive dredge foreman
  • lexible and firm drain and snakes, Set of 4, 20", provide guaranteed cleaning of the drains in bathtubs, kitchens, toilet and all possible sinks
  • Please protect your eyes when using this product.

Resilient material, soft and bendable, flat with burrs, and relatively long, easy to turn a few deep clogging pipes, clogged hair can be easily taken out of equilateral, easy cleaning, convenient for placing furniture with hooks, essential good helper
Usage method

  • remove the drain cover if needed
  • simply lower the tool into the drain as far as possible
  • slowly remove the drain tool and be amazed at what comes pulls out.
Because of Pipelines SPECIALLY designed barbs, the hair and debris get hooked and as you remove the tool, also taking care of the clog.

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