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TOTO TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve


Brand: TOTO

Color: N/A


  • EcoPower: Self-Generating Hydropower
  • Hydrotect: Reducing Pollution the Natural Way, Adjustable height
  • Styles: TOTO''s design continuum features unique traditional, transitional and contemporary styles.
  • Adjustable flow rate, For two piece toilets

Details: Genuine TOTO adjustable universal fill valve. The adjustable height and flow rate will accommodate most TOTO toilets.

Replaces valve numbers: TSU16A, TSU17A, TSU18A, TSU24A, TSU25A, TSU26A, TSU28A, TSU29A, TSU33A, TSU34A, TSU38A, TSU30A, TSU08A.5, TSU36A.10, TSU08A.6R, TSU36A.6, TSU06A.4, TSU09A.8R.
Fits tank models: ST743S(R)(B), ST707S, ST804S, ST784S, ST753S, ST423S, ST424S, ST774S, ST794S, ST754S, ST423E, ST424E, ST743E(R)(B), ST794E, ST784E, ST454E, ST753E, ST754E, ST755S, ST703, ST706(R), ST723, ST733, ST406, ST405M, ST413M, ST412M, ST416M, ST464M.
Fits combination models: CST853S, CST854S(L)(G), CST874S(G), CST934SF, CST853, CST854, CST863, CST864, CST863E, CST864E, CST634CEF(G), CST644CEF(G), CST854E(L), CST853E, CST604CEF(G)(R), CST614CEF(G), CST624CEF(G), CST626CEF(G), CST934EF, CST964CEF(G), CST974CEF(G), CST904, CST654MF.

UPC: 739268430198

EAN: 0739268224278

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